Wolverines Playoff Scenarios

Coming into the last week of the season, the Waywayseecappo Wolverines have their back against the wall.

With three games left to go, the Wolverines sit three points back of a playoff spot, currently held by the Dauphin Kings. By the end of the day on Monday, they will probably be five points back.

Even after a weekend that saw the Wolverines score 17 goals over two games, the rest of the MJHL schedule provided no help for the team trying to make the playoffs for the fourth straight year (excluding the COVID year).

But somehow, the Wolverines still control their own destiny the rest of the way, something you wouldn’t expect from a team that will be five points out with only three games left. But the reality is, even if results around the league don’t go the team’s way the rest of the week, all they have to do is win to get into the playoffs.

Below we will go over the three scenarios for the Wolverines to make the playoffs over the last week of the season.

Best Chance

What Needs to happen: Wolverines win last three games (Vs. Virden, @ OCN, vs. OCN)

How it gets the Wolverines in the Playoffs: In this scenario, the Wolverines would get to  69 points on the year, leapfrogging the OCN Blizzard at 68 points. This is probably the best chance for Wolverines to make it, since this is the only scenario that the team has complete control over.

The key to this scenario though is beating the Blizzard in regulation in at least one of those two games. If OCN gets a point in any of those losses, the teams would tie with 69 points, and then it would go to tiebreakers, where it follows:

  1. Most wins against each other (Both teams with 3)
  2. Most Regulation wins against each other (OCN has 2, currently Wayway has 1 but would need at least one more to tie this, two more to beat OCN)
  3. Most Wins Overall (OCN has 31, Wayway would be at 32 if they managed to get this far)

But if OCN loses in OT both times, then they will be at 70 points, and Wayway would be at 69.

This scenario may also give us some crazy things to happen in a game, where the Wolverines might have to go for a win in regulation (which may mean pulling a goalie late in a tie game), instead of trying their luck in OT.

Scoreboard Watching

What Needs to happen: Wolverines win last three games (Vs. Virden, @ OCN, vs. OCN)

Dauphin loses one of their last two games in regulation (@ Freeze, @ Winkler)

How it gets the Wolverines in the Playoffs: In this scenario the Wolverines would be at 69 points, and Dauphin could be anywhere from 66-68 points. There is a chance that the Kings could lose one of these games in overtime, which if that happened, then the Wolverines and Kings would go to tiebreakers, which it would end quickly.

  1. Most wins against each other (Dauphin with 4, Wayway with 2)

The most probable way this would play out, would probably be the most entertaining way for the league, but nerve wracking for any teams involved, would be a scenario on Saturday, where Dauphin-Winkler starts at 7pm, and OCN-Wayway starts at 7:30pm. There would be scoreboard watching for three teams involved and plenty of Flyers fans.

Need a Miracle

What Needs to happen: Wolverines win two of their last three games (Vs. Virden, @ OCN, vs. OCN)

Dauphin loses both of their last two games (@ Freeze, @ Winkler)

How it gets the Wolverines in the Playoffs: The first thing that would need to happen, is the Winnipeg Freeze picking up their fourth win of the season. After that, it would give the Wolverines a margin of error (not much though) in their last three games.

The team could just win two of their final games, as long as Dauphin doesn’t lose any of their two games in overtime or shootout.


The Wolverines find themselves in a position that most teams in their situation would love to at least be in, having full control of their playoff lives with three games to go.

But as much of these scenarios exist, the main thing is for the team to win the next three games, and it all starts on Tuesday night against the Virden Oil Capitals.