Group of 4 wins $100,000 from Rink to Riches Lottery

Thanks to the Rink to Riches Lottery, a group of four members of the Waywayseecappo community, will be just a bit richer.

On Friday night, after three long months of waiting, the Rink to Riches Lottery that took the community by storm, wrapped up with a $100,000 prize. That prize was won by Leanna Flett. But behind that individual, was a group of 4 that went all in for the prize.

“We usually get involved in this draws as a group, and we decided to contribute to the Lottery by pooling our money together,” said Brenda Malcolm.

The group of four, (Leanna Flett, Stella Bone, Rose McIvor-Girouard and Brenda Malcolm) bought three tickets for $250 back at the start of the lottery, waiting for the final hours before the first draw of $10,000.

“We usually only buy one ticket, but we figured since it was for the Wolverines, we would buy a few more.”

All four work together in the community, and most come from around the area. Leanna is from Angusville, but is based in Waywayseecappo; Rose is from Winnipeg; Brenda is originally from Ebb and Flow First Nation; and Stella is from Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation.

“We always try to stay positive, but this is definitely the biggest prize we have ever won.”

The group says the largest prize that they won before this, in any lottery, was a suitcase set.

As for what the group is going to do with the money, that will be split four ways ($25,000 each), they have have any firm plans yet, but one has a good idea.

“I’m gonna spend mine,” said Brenda with a laugh.

Along with the $100,000 prize, a 50/50 prize was given of $14,685 to Watson and Carla Huntinghawk.