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Wolverines looking to end Titans playoff hopes


Wolverines Regular Season Record:  31-18-2-1 Away: 14-11-0-1 PP: 27.0% (1st) PK: 73.9% (9th) Rank: 2nd in West Division, 4th in MJHL

Head Coach: Taylor Harnett

Tonight’s Matchup: @ Neepawa 7:30pm: The Wolverines have lost 8 of their last 11 games, and are desperately trying to find some consistently before the playoffs start. They have also lost a bit of seeding, now sitting fourth in the MJHL behind Winkler. That affects who they might play in the second round and how many teams they’ll have home ice against.

Last Game: 6-3 Loss vs. Neepawa: The Wolverines got out to a big 3-0 lead and then it all fell apart. The Titans scored six straight to end the game and steal a win on the road. A frustrating game in the last handful of games in the season is a game Waywayseecappo would like to wipe from the memory.

Boston Bird  – 21G – 39A – 60 Points
Lonan Bulger – 11G – 48A – 59 Points
Andrew Boucher – 16G – 28A – 44 Points
Kolton Shindle  – 21G – 21A – 42 Points
Caleb Petrie – 17G – 18A – 35 Points

Goals (21) – Two players tied |   Assists (48) – Lonan Bulger
Points (60) – Boston Bird  |   PIMS (121) – Leyton Smith
Wins (20) – Liam Tereposky  |   Shutouts (1) – Liam Tereposky
Save % (.899) – Brett Mirwald  |   Goals Against Average (3.10) – Brett Mirwald


Titans Regular Season Record:  19-24-4-5 Home: 11-11-1-3 PP: 22.4% (5th) PK: 70.6% (11th) Rank: 5th in West Division, 10th in MJHL

Head Coach: Ken Pearson

Tonight’s Matchup: Vs. Waywayseecappo 7:30pm: The Titans are a regulation loss away from their season ending, but a win away from really forcing Swan Valley to get a win themselves in their last two games against Dauphin. Since Swan Valley has a one point advantage in head to head games against the Titans, this is what needs to happen in the final two games. Neepawa could get three points as long as Swan Valley gets none. Neepawa could also get four points, as long as the Stampeders only get one.

Last Game: 6-3  Win @ Waywayseecappo: A season saving win for Neepawa as they came back from 3-0 down early in the second period to win 6-3. Emerik Demers bounced back from a bad game on Tuesday to stop 45 saves in a win. The kept Neepawa in the playoff hunt.

Dallon Wilton  – 16G – 35A – 51 Points
Jaegar Lapointe – 24G – 22A – 46 Points
Connor Brust – 15G – 27A – 42 Points
Rylan Gudnason  – 17G – 22A – 39 Points
Will Highet – 14G – 19A – 33 Points

Goals (24) – Jaegar Lapointe  |   Assists (35) – Dallon Wilton
Points (51) – Dallon Wilton  |   PIMS (92) – Rylan Gudnason
Wins (11) – Emerik Demers |   Shutouts (1) – Emerik Demers
Save % (.890) – Emerik Demers  |   Goals Against Average (3.45) – Emerik Demers


November 12th – Titans win 6-5 (OT)

November 13th – Wolverines win 2-0

November 19th – Wolverines win 5-3

November 20th – Wolverines win 7-4

March 8th – Wolverines win 8-4

March 9th – Titans win 6-3