Mushumanski can’t wait to represent Wolverines

Dru Mushumanski was surprised to see that he was selected with one of the Waywayseecappo Wolverines auto-protect picks on Friday. And most of that came from the fact that he didn’t even know when teams around the MJHL were supposed to make those picks.

“I didn’t think the auto-protections came out on Friday, I thought it was coming out on the 29th,” said Mushumanski. “One of my buddies texted me while I was at golf provincials and said ‘Congratulations’, and I had no clue what was going on.”

The Rossburn product was named one of the Wolverines auto-protects along with Bo Tibbatts back on Friday.

“It definitely takes the nerves away from next weekend for the MJHL Draft knowing I won’t worry on whether I’m going to be drafted or not,” said Mushumanski.

The fifteen-year-old played with the Parkland Rangers this year in the Manitoba Under-18 Hockey League, helping the team get to the second round of the playoffs.

He had five goals and eight assists in 31 games as a fifteen year-old in the league.

“I thought I had a fine year as a 15 year-old, but I got better throughout the year getting accustomed to the older players,” said Mushumanski.

Of course being from Rossburn, Dru said he watched a lot of Wolverines games over his time.

“It feels great being picked by them because the team is part of my hometown,” he said. “I can’t wait to have an opportunity to represent the Wolverines.”

But another good thing about playing so close to home, will be that  family can come watch without the long travel.

“My Mom was probably most excited about me getting picked,” said Mushumanski. “She’s glad I wouldn’t have to move away if I made the team.”